6 Cubic Foot Rapid-Rate Cycling Chamber


Item Value
Specifications are for reference only. Please contact ESPEC for detailed information.
Product Family TCC Rapid-Rate Cycling
Interior Volume 6 cu. ft.
160 Liters
Interior Dimensions (W x D x H) 32" x 16" x 20"
800 x 400 x 500 mm
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) 40" x 76" x 72"
1000 x 1915 x 1810 mm
Temperature Range -70 to 180°C
-94 to 356°F
Test Performance Example Test: JESD22-A104-C
Range: -40 to 125°C
Recovery: 15°C/min. at supply air
Load: 20 lb. of PCB & fixture
Power 208V or 200/220, 380/400
Water-cooling Peak Demand
(ask for details)
18 GPM
Maximum Sound Level (1 meter away) 65 dBA
Temperature Fluctuation (at control sensor) ±.5
Refrigeration System Cascade 10hp Scroll


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  • Large-volume test area The test area can contain up to sixty substrates, when set vertically
  • Easy wiring access Clear cabinet sides allow easy access for specimen measurement
  • Cable ports are provided on the right as well as left sides of the chamber
  • Door hinge with self-closing prevention

Site requirements:

  • Main Power: North American standard 208V (alternate international power: 200V, 220V, 380V, or 400V)
  • Cooling water supply
  • Quiet operation with sound levels below 65dB

Available options:

  • Paperless recorder with color display and CompactFlash storage
  • Strip chart recorder
  • Computer interface (IEEE-488 or RS-232)
  • Overcool protection
  • Casters
  • Specimen basket / shelf bracket

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