Reference info about ESPEC

ESPEC North America is proud to be ISO-9001 and ISO-17025 certified

Here are links to our certifications for your information and reference:

ESPEC North America ISO-9001:2015:

Accreditation status: Active
Standard: ISO/IEC 9001:2015
Effective Through: 10/18/2020

ESPEC ISO-9001 Quality Certificate PDF

ESPEC North America 17025:2017:

Accreditation status: Active
Scope: Calibration
Standard: ISO/IEC 17025:2017
Effective Through: 07/07/2020

ISO-17025 Calibration Certificate PDF

Note: 17025 is accredited for these types of measurements: Temperature, Relative Humidity, DC Voltage - Generate, DC Current - Generate, Electrical Simulation of Thermocouple Systems, Type T, Type K . Certification is valid for field calibrations.

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