Why Choose ESPEC

Why choose an ESPEC test chamber?

What makes ESPEC better? How does this benefit you?
Touch-screen programmer The P-300 brings a high-end user interface to everyone...without a premium price. It is remarkable easy to use and understand.
C-Frame refrigeration High-performance and custom systems include our exclusive C-frame refrigeration design. Built around an internal frame (shaped like a "C", hence the name), it is assembled and leak-checked as a module, prior to integration with the chamber. A standard service panel and hinged access panels simplifies maintenance.
Doorframe thermal break ESPEC uses a special doorframe made of resin on most models. This creates a thermal break between the inside and outside of the chamber, lessening thermal creep and the potential for frost or condensation on the exterior. Thermal breaks are used at other critical points, as well.
HAST chamber We are one of only a handful of companies to offer Highly Accelerated Stress Test chambers. These units can accelerate typical humidity tests by a factor of 50 for ICs. Qualify your parts in hours, not days.
SH benchtop models These models are the smallest humidity chambers in the industry. They are great for the individual user who needs a chamber for testing small devices in a tight lab or office environment.
Hinged service panels For the convenience of our customers, ESPEC hinges service access panels wherever possible. This saves the user the trouble of lifting off bulky panels, and screwing them back in place, as is common with other manufacturers. Simple hand-operated latches make opening a panel quick and easy.
ISO-9001 Certification ESPEC stands by our dedication to quality by following the ISO standards for manufacturing. Certification of U.S. and overseas facilities ensures better quality by strictly adhering to standards, specifications, and customer requirements.
Specimen power terminal Nearly every ESPEC chamber includes a safety relay for product power. You can interlock any externally-powered devices with this relay terminal. In the case of a system shut-down, the device is also turned off. This avoids the risk of heat damage to your samples or the chamber if powered products were allowed to continue running with the chamber off.

These are just examples. Each product has unique features designed with the user in mind.

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