TSE Small Thermal Shock Chambers

Simple to install and operate!

Did you think that getting a thermal shock chamber was too expensive, required special utilities, and half your lab-space? The TSE-12-A thermal shock chamber is the solution. Only 26 inches wide, the TSE-12-A transfers product loads between cold and hot zones with a temperature range of -65°C to 200°C. 

  • Meets strict Mil-Std 883 1010.7/1010.8 thermal cycling requirements with 6 lbs.
  • Also can be used for IEC 61300-2-47, JEDEC JESD47E, JESD22-A104, and others
  • Touch-screen operation now with Ethernet and USB access
  • The cold zone is cooled by refrigeration. No need for tanks of liquid nitrogen (or cooling water supply)
  • The only utility required is 208V power
  • Super quiet operation of less than 60dB
  • More benefits on this one-page PDF
  • Fast delivery

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Chamber Design Features:

  • Vertical-lift thermal shock chamber with separate hot and cold temperature zones
  • Direct-drive system for reliable transfer between zones (maximum load 17 lb.)
  • Compact design with integrated mechanical refrigeration
  • Exterior is painted ESPEC grayish-violet, interior is stainless steel
  • Two specimen baskets
  • Tube for cables to test load, 2" diameter
  • Specimen power supply terminal
  • Includes caster and leveling pads for easy movement
  • Designed for performance with maximum load (lighter loads need additional mass for proper performance)

Refrigeration and Plenum:

  • Refrigeration maintains user-set low temperature in cold zone
  • Two sirocco blower motors circulate the air (one per zone)
  • Non-CFC cascade refrigeration system using 2-hp compressors
  • Quiet operation with sound levels below 60dB

ESPEC's Exclusive P-310 Programmer:

  • User-friendly touch-screen operation with 7" color display
  • The trend-graph display shows a record of setpoints and actual values
  • Cycle-time reduction function can automatically advance to the next step
  • 20 user-definable programs can be saved with alphanumeric names
  • System alarms are stored in memory for historical review 
  • Built-in timer functions allow the chamber to be started or shut down automatically
  • New: Ethernet with browser-based access is standard, plus USB

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TSE-12-A 12.5" x 9.1" x 5.8" 0.4 cu. ft. -65 to 200°C Test example: -65 to 150°C in 15 min. (worst-case on-product) with 6 lb of IC chips

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