SCP-220 touch-screen controller info & demo

Operating an ESPEC chamber is easy!

SCP-220 touch-screen controller

Don't worry about forgetting commands or finding your manual!

Easy to share your chamber because training others is so simple!

Why pick the SCP-220?

  • Very logically organized, making operation a snap
  • Reliable product on the market for over ten years
  • Tightly integrated with other chamber functions for the most useful settings capability and alarm notification
  • Optional "true" GP-IB interface option for reliable remote operation
  • A true PLC controller, not just a PC running windows

NEW! Remote operation and datalogging via Ethernet Web Controller

Feature Specification
Display Color TFT (Active Matrix), 640x480 resolution
Control Method PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative)
Communications Optional RS-232, RS-485, or GP-IB
Operating Modes
(as indicated in upper left of the display)
STOP: chamber off, programmer on
PGM: RUN runs selected test profile
CONSTANT: runs at set value continually
Program Capacity 20 programs, 99 steps per program
10 pre-programmed tests stored in ROM
Programming Capabilities
  • Copy programs, even from ROM
  • Copy, edit, insert, and delete steps
  • Two nested loops to repeat steps 999 times
  • Selectable end-of-test modes
  • Create pause steps within programs
  • Soak control delays timer until setpoint is reached
Additional Functions
  • Alarm report lists last 100 alarms and time occurred
  • Time signal relay control (with naming capability)
  • High/low limit alarm functions
  • Audible alarm with on-screen explanation
  • Selectable restart modes after power failure
  • Automatic start and stop functions
  • Keylock protection and configuration lock-out
  • Service guide and help screens

Contact ESPEC North America for more information.

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