8 Cubic Foot Cold Temperature and Humidy Chamber (replaces model ESL-2CA)

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Item Value
Specifications are for reference only. Please contact ESPEC for detailed information.
Product Family Platinous
Interior Volume 8 cu. ft.
225 Liters
Interior Dimensions (W x D x H) 19.7" x 23.6" x 29.5"
500 x 600 x 750 mm
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H) 37" x 48" x 76"
950 x 1220 x 1930 mm
Temperature Range -35 to 180°C
-31 to 356°F
Humidity Range (see chart for detail) 10% - 98% RH

Optional low humidity ranges in blue and light blue

Average Change Rate
(rates lower with 50Hz power)
5.5°C/min heat & 5°C/min cool
-20 to 85°C (Empty)
Power 208/230V 3ph 50/60Hz
Heat-to-room Peak 25,000 BTU/Hr.
Maximum Sound Level (1 meter away) 72 dBA
Temperature Fluctuation (at control sensor) ±0.3°C (up to 100°C)
Humidity Fluctuation (at control sensor) ±2.5
Temperature Gradient (Uniformity, empty) ±0.7°C (up to 100°C)°C
Humidity Gradient (Uniformity, empty) ±3%
Air Flow 400 CFM
Refrigeration System Single-stage 2.2hp hermetic
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Well Thought-out Cabinet Design

  • Stainless steel interior with rounded corners - superior to square, welded corners
  • Stainless steel exterior construction for durability over time
  • Optional viewing window with full-pane heaters to help keep condensation and frost clear. Provides great visibility into the chamber.
  • Chamber light built into the window for easy viewing without glare
  • One 4" diameter cable port, centered in the left wall (additional ports optional)
  • One stainless steel shelf with adjustable support rails (not clips)
  • Heavy duty casters with adjustable leveling feet
  • Hinged service panels for easy access

Helpful Operational Features

  • Independent "Product Temp. Protector" with user-set limits, part of a three-tier safety system
  • Electrical disconnect switch is included, with lock-out/tag-out


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