TSD Medium Thermal Shock Chambers

Large capacity, small footprint

ESPEC developed the TSD-101-W with an interior of 28"x16", while strictly limiting the overall size of the system. The footprint is reduced by 40%, as well as lowering power demand by 60% compared to conventional units.

The TSD-101-W has been upgraded to our latest touch-screen controller, which includes a 7" screen and Ethernet access. Uploading/downloading of programs and data can be accomplished over your network.

The TSD includes a unique feature called Specimen Temperature Trigger (STT). This STT function actively monitors the temperature of the product and only advances the program to the next step once the product has reached the desired temperature. The STT dynamically reduces the overall testing time by adjusting the soak period according to how much product is being tested.

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  • A flexible cabling tube (for monitoring or powering samples) that comes out the side, rather than a moving pipe that sticks out the top.
  • A cool-down mode allows the operator to safely remove the samples quickly after a test is completed.
  • An option for a window makes checking on the samples easier.

Site requirements:

  • Main Power: North American standard 208V (alternate international power: 200V, 220V, 380V, or 415V)
  • Cooling water supply
  • Quiet operation with sound levels below 65dB

Available options:

  • Paperless recorder with color display and CompactFlash storage
  • Strip chart recorder
  • Computer interface (IEEE-488 or RS-232)
  • Viewing window
  • Additional STT thermocouple inputs
  • Additional flexible cable tube

TSD Medium Thermal Shock Model Comparison

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Interior Volume Temperature Range Notes
TSD-101-W 28" x 16" x 13.5" 3.5 cu. ft. -77 to 205°C Test example: -65 to 150°C in 15 min.( worst-case on -product) with 22 lb of IC chips
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