Telecordia GR-487-CORE for enclosures

Your best bet for a single chamber to do all these tests is our Platinum series.


Paragraph Title Description Benchtop Models Reach-in Models Other Models
3.26 R3-187 C. Simulation of High Ambient Temperature 46°C Any benchtop or PH or PV ovens Any Platinous or Platinum Walk-in
3.27 R3-191 [155] Thermal Shock -40 to 60°C Almost every benchtop Any Platinous or Platinum Walk-in
3.34.2 R3-204 [166] Temperature Cycling/High Humidity 4 to 60°C w/ RH (see below) ENX Walk-in

Here is a detailed description of 3.34.2: Corrosion Resistance- Temperature Cycling/High Humidity:

Telecordia GR-487-CORE for enclosures Model Comparison

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