Dust Test

Easy loading clam-shell design


Often specified for use with "Arizona fine dust", these units can also be used with talcum or concrete powder. The chamber has a "clamshell" type door/lid for easy front-loading, compared with top-loading chambers. Optional reach-in glove ports allow rotating the test sample without opening the door.

Test standards met:

  • SAE J575 (Rev. Nov 2006), Section 4.5
  • ISO 20653 (2006-08-15), Section 8.3.1
  • DIN 40050, Part 9, IP Codes 5K and 6K, vertical dust flow
  • IEC EN 60529 (IEC 529), IP-5 and IP-6, vertical dust flow (with optional underpressure mode)
  • IEC EN 60068-2-68 (IEC 68-2-68), LA2, vertical dust flow
  • SAE J1455 (Rev. Aug 94), Section 4.7 Dust test and alternate method (not gravel bombardment)
  • ISO 20653 (2006-08), section 8.3
  • Other sizes and capabilities available upon request. Please contact us with your application.

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