Battery Fast Temperature Cycling & Shock

Battery Test Chambers

ESPEC temperature cycling and thermal shock chambers are suited for testing battery reliability under extreme temperature changes. Batteries need to be able to withstand drastic changes in temperature. The thermal shock and temperature cycling tests called out in the IEC, UL, and SAE standards:

  • IEC 62133 - Temp cycling: 75 to 20 to -20°C (30 min. transitions)
  • UL 2054 - Temp cycling: 70 to -40 °C (30 min. transitions)
  • UL 1642 - Temp cycling: 70 to 20 to -40 °C (30 min. transitions)
  • SAE J2464 - Thermal shock test: 70 to -40°C (15 min. transitions)

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